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Quality - Factor for efficient working.

Raw materials of high quality; experience of many years; highprecision manufacturing techniques; meticulous processing and professional finish: These are the criteria providing the constant high quality of OSBORN products.

From blank to finished brush, quality assurance and control is firmly anchored in the OSBORN manufacturing processes. Product and quality controlling measures are integrated in every phase of production. The control of spot samples from the running production as well as the regular quality supervision by independent inspection institutes prove that OSBORN products sustain the essential quality criteria.

The certification of all operational procedures as well as the product quality DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 achieved by OSBORN is therefore self evident. Furthermore, all products correspond to the standards of the European Community (EN 1083-1, EN 1083-2) and the production processes are in accordance with the regulations for prevention of accidents.

  OSBORN International - A unit of Jason Incorporated